Our Brand Commitment

Since 1960, we’ve been bringing you products that reflect our passion, our attention to quality, and our craftsmanship. We put as much care and dedication as possible into our fruit and our products. We are owned by our farmers and we take pride in our brand.

Every product Tree Top makes is with our customers in mind.  Tree Top has a commitment to quality, and uses only the best ingredients we can find.  With hundreds of thousands of fruit producing acres throughout the northwest, Tree Top’s facilities are strategically located close to where the fruit is grown, allowing us to provide you with the freshest fruit ingredients possible.

Tree Top brings you purity and healthfulness in everything we make. Our apple juice and cider remain the backbone of our product offerings, but we also make a variety of blended fruit juices and fruit smoothies. In addition, we offer a wide range of apple sauce available in organic and flavored sauces, as well as an entire line of juice-sweetened apple sauce.