While Tree Top operates in a global environment, our corporate values are deeply rooted in our small-town heritage. Keeping with our belief that everyone deserves good food, our culture is focused on doing the right thing and being a good neighbor – whether it’s taking steps to support local communities or our entire planet.

Our Responsibility

See How We're Making a Positive Impact on Our Community and Our Environment

Some of the biggest steps we’ve taken include:

Reducing water use and wastewater

Reducing energy use

Reducing solid waste generation

Increasing employee wellness programs

Enhancing community support

Improving data collection, accountability, reporting and transparency

Educating and advocating for responsible, ethical and sustainable practices

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A History of Sustainability

In 1960, Tree Top was founded as a grower-owned agricultural cooperative to take the excess, unattractive fruit from our growers’ orchards and turn it into healthful fruit products for the marketplace. Throughout the following decades, we’ve continued that legacy of responsibility and minimizing food waste.

We began actively tracking sustainability performance in 2009 and published our first Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2010, while also developing a Corporate Sustainability Team (CST) made up of employees from across the company. Since then, our carbon footprint has continued to shrink while our goals and commitment to sustainability have only gotten bigger.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Since 2010, Tree Top has shared our sustainability goals, efforts and results in an annual report that lets those around us know where we stand. Check out our most recent report below.

Responsibility Report

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